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Yet another week down. Hopefully everyone made it through the Deadlifts with their backs and ankle still intact. Be very aware of your body this week. If we are overly sore in those parts of our body, pull back a bit, perhaps take an extra day off. Especially avoid running if your ankles are bothering you.

Keep it up everyone!

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Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

hit areas of body use in the strength/skill and WOD sections


2×4 AMRAP T2B Wallballs (2 Rounds for reps)

4min AMRAP
15 Toes to bar
30 Wallballs
rest 8 min
4min AMRAP
15 Toes to bar
30 Wallballs
To clarify, you will do the workout exactly like it is written. The first 4min AMRAP is considered the 1st round. The second 4min AMRAP is considered the 2nd round (not two rounds of two 4min AMRAPs)

***OPTIONAL: After WOD jog/bike/row for 20min @65% effort

RX+ MUST do the above

Super Friend Stretching

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