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In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.

We believe in thinking differently.

The way we challenge the status quo is to make our service beautifully programmed, functional in practice, and deliver safe, fun, fitness.

In our case this is fitness via the CrossFit model.

  • Not all CrossFit gyms are the same, check them out.
  • Not all gyms offering CrossFit are actually affiliated with CrossFit nor have coaches that have earned a certificate from CrossFit headquarters training programs.
  • Not all gyms stand behind their service like we do with unequaled credit card freedom from contracts and more.

We’ve been in Woodstock since July 2008, making us the oldest CrossFit gym in the area.  We got our start with passion and have grown with successful member goal achievement.  As one member said, “It is comforting to know that you have been around long enough to work out the kinks and tweak the gym so that it runs smoothly. Also, if you have been able to keep the gym open for as long as it has been open, this is another strong indicator that you are a good gym that is able to keep their members.”


  • Regular membership is $160/mo for CrossFit which includes all our other fitness programs.
  • No contracts ever on any membership.
  • Pause your membership during vacations etc
  • 3 times more classes offered than most local CrossFit gyms
  • 15% Discounts for military (past or current), first responders, students, and family
  • Family plan available 3+


  • We do have other options for boot camp, SeniorFit, and Olympic lifting only memberships.
    • These memberships are limited to those specific classes
    • 5 days per week at $140
    • 3 days per week at $110
  • Session membership is $120 for 10 visits over 120 days
  • Drop-in: any out of towner that has done CF for 3+ months is welcome to join us for a class for free, just connect with me before hand by filling out our small form or text/email.  No cost, just leave us a review.
    Otherwise its $20/class to drop in


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for Andy McCann

Our Mission

Our Location



Meet Us

Our mission is to coach you toward improving fitness on a slow trajectory over time a distant horizon. Safety, fun, and fitness free from injury.

We are on Hightway 92 just southeast of downtown Woodstock and west of the First Baptist Woodstock Church.

110 Londonderry Ct. Suite 122, Woodstock, GA 30188

We use WODIFY as our results-tracking tool.

This a perk when choosing our box. We care about mapping our members’ performance, and that instead of people just showing up to do a workout, we are encouraging everyone to progress and get better with measurable track-able results.

Membership is month to month and no contracts ever This not a franchise chain gym membership where you are left to figure out what to do. We will coach you through the workout.  This is not one-on-one personal training either, your classmates will become friends and cheer you on.  We will help you meet your goals.  We’ve been here since 2008; our wealth of coaching experience will pay off in your improvement.

Also, we put accounts on hold if you go out of town for a week or more so you don’t pay for the time you aren’t here!  Who does that for you?  Not a single other gym I bet.

We also don’t hold credit cards hostage.  If you find CrossFit isn’t for you then we’ll end your membership that same month.  No contracts!

Yep, we believe in our services that much.  We know we will get you fit.

If you are currently in a contract with a gym, but are tired of it and want to give CrossFit a try, then we’ll do our best to assist you by reviewing your contract and applying an equal amount to your membership here at The Garage.  Thus, you pay them off and pay us nothing until you are out of that contract.

Open House:
Come talk to a coach with other interested people without any sweating or working out. See the gym and get questions answered.
Coming Soon

Our Facility

  • Our gym is just over 5,000 sqft.
  • 30ft ceilings
  • We have a massive 14 person pull up rig that doubles as racks
  • We have 20+ Olympic bars and Oly only bars
  • More weights than an entire troupe of silver back apes could dead lift
  • 30+ wall-balls varying in size from 8 to 20 pounds
  • Office area with Air Conditioning and ….
  • 2 bathrooms (no shower)
  • 1 kitchen-ish area
  • 1 kids room (air conditioned and Plexiglas cutout for sneaking a peek)
  • We also have an outside workout area for those days that are just too good to be inside.
  • Basically our gym has everything a great CrossFit box should have!
  • 2 ladies train for a 5k.  One gets on the treadmill at “big ol’ gym” with a perfectly climate controlled environment while watching TV and reading a magazine.  The other crossfits with us with the doors open and sweat pouring.  The day of the race comes.  The 2 ladies laugh and joke with nervous tingles in their bellies.  Boom goes the gun/horn/PA.  Ms HVAC says to Ms Crossfit “wow this Georgia heat and humidity is killing me.”  But Ms Crossfit doesn’t hear her because she’s already at the finish line waiting for Ms HVAC who whines about how the course must be longer than stated as her time is so far off her normal treadmill time.
  • And so it goes…. if you want to play outside, you must work outside.

Crossfit works if you put the effort in, plain and simple.  Its worth every penny.

We don’t do 2 or 3 days a week of membership plans because that simply doesn’t work.  We don’t feel selling a product that we know wont work is honest business, so we don’t.

When you start up, 2 or 3 days a week might work for the first month, but sustainable gains wont happen at that small amount of a volume.

Many people are nervous to start CrossFit.  Additionally, those that are overweight or older have even more trepidation about participating in an activity that has such and “intense” stereotype.  If Bob Harper can use crossfit on The Biggest Loser with his team, then anyone can do this, but you must be smart and build up slowly.  Listen to your coach, that’s why you pay them.

Crossfit has many health benefits beyond fitness.  For example: diabetes, osteoporosis, fat burning, and more

Meet Our Coaches

Success Stories

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