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Amelia Bot


Amelia Bot

ameila botMember spotlight : The “Stop being afraid to change!” edition, featuring Amelia Bot (Amelia Shackelford).

Trying new things can be very hard. Probably because you’re not good at them, and it’s stinky to do things you are bad at. That’s the gift The Garage can offer us. As soon as you get good at something, there is always another skill to attain. You are always working toward a new goal. And one lesser-known skill offered at The Garage is Olympic lifting. That’s what drew Amelia, 34, here a little over a year ago. She came to barbell club to strengthen her upper body. She has always been an active person, and has even run a few half-marathons and a full marathon, but while she had endurance, she was lacking strength. Well, that’s all changed for her now, and she has fallen in love with Olympic lifting. Her fiancé also saw her passion growing and encouraged her to give smaller competitions a try. She still considers herself a “baby lifter”, but she’s come a long way and is blooming into a fierce competitor, something she never thought she’d do when she started a year ago! She was not afraid to try something new, because she knows that it’s NEVER too late to make a change. She likes The Garage for many reasons; the incredibly talented coaches, the friends she has made, and especially cheering on the achievements of others. What does she do in her free time? She smiled and said, “I lift.” But she does have other interests. She also shoots competitive pistol matches on a weekly basis. She’s a marksman with hopes to reach sharpshooter status within the next year, and her improved upper body strength has translated into improvement in aim, recoil management, and stamina. She is also a freelance writer and has her own blog ( Her favorite lift: The Jerk. (because it’s a punk). Hardest lift for her: The Snatch (because it is so technically difficult, but it’s kind of her favorite, too). Amelia is here 5 days a week throwing around really heavy weight and working on her weaknesses. Good for you, Amelia! I’m glad to know you. So all you people out there afraid to try something new, be brave! Come in and meet Amelia, and we can all get stronger together.

“People always talk about being afraid of change. Me, I’m more afraid of things staying the same. Because the game is never won by standing in one place for too long.” Nick Cave

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