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Amy Carroll


Amy Carroll

amy carroll1Spotlight: Amy Carroll!

Amy, 50 years old, has been at The Garage for 3 years and she couldn’t be more grateful. She’s a unique athlete because she has Osteoporosis. Her husband,Todd, is in medical sales. When she was 35 they decided to have a garage sale. Todd’s company has a bone density measurement device, and he had it in his possession, so they decided to offer free scans to anyone who came to their garage sale. Just for fun, they scanned themselves. Her results were astounding – She had the bone density of a 70 year old! Amy then went to her doctor and he confirmed the diagnosis of Osteoporosis. At first she took many medications to stop the degeneration of her bones, but she slowly realized that the side effects were worse than the problem they were treating. Her physician told her to start doing weight-bearing exercises so she found The Garage. She had a delightful smile on her face as she told me she’s FINALLY medication free! She is managing Osteoporosis through diet and exercise alone. She likes working out, but is very conscience of her limits. The coaches also help to scale exercises to her needs. She’s getting stronger, and her bone density has remained stable.
She likes burpees, tabatas, floor presses, and rowing the most.
She might be small, but don’t be fooled. She’s tough! And she can do several strict pull-ups in a row like it’s nothing! Thanks for sharing with us Amy! Amy Woodall Carroll

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