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Donovan Conrad


Donovan Conrad

donovan conradToday (11/3/14) marks six years since I first walked through the doors at The Garage – A Crossfit Gym and broke a sweat. It’s been tremendously rewarding watching this place evolve. The gym has changed in multiple ways over the years, but one thing that remains constant is the supportive coaches and community. We all help each other reach our goals. I have evolved in many ways too. I started out as a Taco Bell eating, Mountain Dew swilling, cigarette smoking, doughy schlub. Now fitness and nutrition play a central role in my life. I am much more fit & healthy in my 40s than I was in my 30s. I used to get sick two times a year. That was normal and expected. I haven’t had more than a stuffy nose in six years. I continue to learn and experiment with nutritional strategies and my coaches keep me on track with my training. The hard work and dedication keeps paying off in regular Personal Records (PRs) and overall wellbeing. I am deeply grateful to the many people that have had a positive influence on me in these six years and I hope that I have been a positive influence on some of them. I love my gym!

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