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Fun Team WOD – 3pm this Satuday


Fun Team WOD – 3pm this Satuday


Come have some fun at this team WOD.  no prizes, no shirts, no cost… just work and a blast.

We’ll create teams like last time so they are pretty even.  We’ll either do 3 or 4 people per team.

If someone has less folks we’ll adjust their workout.

if someones team has a better score we’ll handicap them with a delayed start.  (some teams will be using their US vs THEM team)


The WODs will be:

“do anything you like, take all the gear you want”
5min set up/strategy, then 3 2 1 go
200m run – must move all your gear to 400m TA
then do
DL 10,000#
400 squats to a 20# wallball (can bring multiple balls)
200m run – must bring back all your gear
finish when you cross the line with gear
5min set up/strategy, then 3 2 1 go
only 1 person working at a time
100 situps (you can anchor with a person, elbows must touch knees)
100 flash pushups (knees count as 1/2)
2,000# wallballs
5min set up/strategy, then 3 2 1 go
100m relay x 8 (each person goes twice)
10,000# Back Squats (1 rack 2 bars whatever plates you want)

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