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Gym Rules and Monday Class


Gym Rules and Monday Class

Monday's 7:30pm class

Monday's 7:30pm class

Monday 7:30pm Class
For those of you that made it to last night’s 7:30pm class, we apologize for the over-crowdedness and we thank you for your patience these last few weeks. Although we want your WOD to be difficult and painful at times, we surely don’t want it to be annoying.

Monday’s 7:30pm class seems to be HUGE now, and has become overcrowded since the start of summer.  We now have a 6:30pm class too on Monday.  In addition, Geordan is opening up a 6:30pm on Wednesday, which means M-Th we have 6:30pm and 7:30pm options.

If you sign up on the calendar for a big class then expect it to be big.  We are working on making the situation on Monday more normal with more class times, more coaches, and lastly a bigger location.

I have deleted Monday’s 6:30pm and 7:30pm classes. I will need you to resign up for either class. If we need an 8:20pm class let us know.  Either way this will give us a realistic idea of who’s coming.

It seems via the calendar that its just Monday 7:30pm that is an issue and thus an anomaly.  We cant buy more space and gear for 1 class, just yet, so we’ll have to find other solutions.

To help us out, here are some Garage Rules to follow:

Use the calendar.  If you are not on the calendar then you are moved to the last pick of wod time, location, gear etc.  Sign up at least 24 hours before a class.

First come, First serve.  If you are on the calendar and get their first then you get to pick your gear (ie. row vs run).

Clean up your area when you’re done. Otherwise the next class will be forced to do it.

Clean the gear. If you sweat nasty or rip skin or (especially) bleed then use the vinegar windex and wipe down your equipment/bars.

In case of bleeding, STOP immediately and fix yourself up.  We have a first aid kit by the sink.  No one wants your blood on them even if you are about to PR.

Be flexible.  Share gear as needed.  Move locations as needed.  Crossfit is about being prepared for anything.  Take it on as a challenge, and add it to your comments.

Keep the coaches accountable to safety and coaching. If we aren’t watching get our attention.

Listen to your Coach. If you dont want help, tell us ahead of time so we are on the same page.

Pay for the bottled water. Our water costs money, so you can chip in a buck per bottle OR bring a case in to replace the used ones once a month.

Fan and Spray. If you use the toilet, please spray the febreeze and for the love of God, turn on the fan!!!

Suggestions – we like ’em. If you have concerns, ideas, requests, issues, innovations, etc please let us know.

Post your results.


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