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Healthy Spine Day @ HealthSprout – LIVE MUSIC


Healthy Spine Day @ HealthSprout – LIVE MUSIC

Yeah, kind of freaky, but there is live music scheduled for HealthSprout on Monday… 6.21.2010

Healthy Spine Day is your chance to get checked out, and figure out if your technique flaws come from your spine, and if so, if they are causing bigger problems than you realize.

This is a great chance to figure out why 70% of the gym membership gets their spine adjusted at HealthSprout, $25 gets you a nervous system scan that will let you know how well your brain controls your body (yeah, you’ll be able to tell if your left hamstring fires as well as your right hamstring, and if not… why).  An exam and X-Rays are also included for that $25.


“The Nervous System controls all function, it is not pain that we are concerned with, it is function.  A nerve root being compressed by the spine, causing pain or weakness in a shoulder, arm or hand; also controls the function and maintenance of the heart.”

Come get checked out, you deserve to know if all of your efforts towards health are being silently degenerated by a misalignment in your spine… effecting your nervous system.  – we can extend appts to Thursday if you have a reason why you can’t get in on Monday, 8:00am – 11:30am, and 3:30pm – 6:30pm.  770.517.2240

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