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Jessica Smith


Jessica Smith

jessica smithOur next spotlight is on Jessica Smith! She’s 22 and has been here for 6 months. Jessica’s mom told her as a child “If you’re going to do anything, do it to the best of your ability, or don’t do it at all”. That’s some good mom wisdom! Doing things to the best of your ability takes hard work. But Jessica knows all about doing hard things. She has a degenerative disc in her back. It has caused her terrible problems most of her life. She has endured years of pain even to the point of having trouble doing simple tasks like walking, getting in the car, getting dressed, and swimming competitively. That’s hard. She went to physical therapy for years to help ease the pain with only partial and temporary results. Seeking Chiropractic care scared her, but she eventually found Dr. Eric Richards, who encouraged her to try it. It has absolutely changed the quality of her life! She’s pain free and has much better mobility. And now she’s happy to be able to work-out at The Garage. She likes it here because there is no judgement; only encouragement. She likes having community, instead of working out alone. The classes help her stay accountable and push her a little bit harder. The coaches can help scale workouts to her needs, keeping in mind her back injury. She said “We are all responsible for making the world a better place”. She’s definitely living that -she’s training to be a Police Officer. Her next Goal: Get Married! She’s counting down the days until May 27th. Congratulations Jessica! It’s great to know your story, and you remind us that life is all about doing hard things and doing them well.

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