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melissa ledford


melissa ledford

melissa ledford1Meet Melissa Ledford!

This is a strong woman! And I don’t just mean her muscles. She’s been through some life and weathered some storms. She’s a fighter. She found The Garage three years ago. She was tired of complaining about being fat and doing nothing about it. A friend told her about CrossFit and The Garage was close to her home. CrossFit pushes her – far more than she would ever push on her own. She loves the coaches and the community, but it’s her children that really drive her. They had an unhappy mom for several years, and Melissa recognized that they needed a strong role model. CrossFit has this way of helping you to realize what you are made of. Melissa likes Wall Balls and Overhead Squats. Long term goal: Live the life she loves! In her free time: No free time! She’s a single momma! Thanks Melissa. It’s good to know you.

— with Melissa Ledford.

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