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Package Changes for May 1st


Package Changes for May 1st


All Current paying members as of 4/15 will be grandfathered in under what ever package they have or want to change to.  If you’d like to alter your package just let Beth know.


Nothing will change for current members, except that the punch card is no longer an option to buy.

If you are brand new you will get to pick what you want under the old packages as well.

If you have a punch card you can use it up of course, but you just can’t repurchase it.


In order to let CrossFit do what it is supposed to and have folks fight for fitness each day (5 or 6 days a week or 3 on 1 off as HQ recommends) we are moving to either member or non-member status.  No more options.  You are IN or OUT.  We know from 4 years of business that anything less will get you less.  I have been attempting to make the case for all our members to come 5 days a week, but I know some of you will not.

Here is the new pricing structure. If you assume 20 classes in a month, then…

- 1 month $174 … $8.70/class
– 3 month $479 … $7.98/class
– 6 month $929 … $7.74/class
– 1 year $1,745 … $7.27/class
So it is still about the price of a lunch out.
You can still quit at any time and get a refund for the unused whole months at the appropriate package rate.
There are still no contracts.
Future members will still get a big deal if they go for the 1 year as it comes out to $146/mo.
No contracts, with partial refunds
New members must start with 3 months.
There are a ton of reasons for this but the primary are:
– In the 1st month you feel sore and overwhelmed, and you want to quit
– In the 2nd month you are getting the concepts down and feeling good about it, but you still want to quit.
– In the 3rd month you are in with the community, your body feels fine, and you have a great foundation.  Love has been found.
Folks that quit after 1 month never come back.  And it is a huge waste of the coach’s time.
The amount of time our coaches put into a new person is far too great for them to use us and throw us away like that. We’ll commit to their success if they commit to us.
They must commit to us for 3 months no quitting, no refunds and no pausing (special circumstances withstanding).
This isn’t a new change.  We’ve been doing this for 4 months with huge strides in success through commitment.
Grandfathered members
All members with a paid package as of 4/15, will keep whatever they’ve picked for as long as they stay.  If any grandfathered member quits or has an unpaid month, they move directly to the new pricing.
Any grandfathered member can move up in quantity or volume packages on the old system, but no one can move down.
Talk to Simon if you have questions.
The punch card is dead.
The referral discount is dead, but you keep your discount as long as your person stays.
Adding Discounts
These apply only to the new packages.
Military, police, firemen, or any other service folks get 10% off.
You can add a your entire family (must live in the same house or be claimed as a tax dependent) for 25% off of regular membership.
Children must be 13 years or older and approved by management.  If your child is not mature enough to handle class and is causing disturbances then we will ask them to leave.
Why the change Andy?
We are continuing along the path that we have intended from the beginning and that is to create a better gym.  This includes increasing the coaching level , having a dedicated General Manager, and moving to a better location.
We want to change lives and we know what happens in this gym will do just that!

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