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US vs THEM 4/30 8am & T-shirts


US vs THEM 4/30 8am & T-shirts

Join Us to Cheer on your favorite Garage Teams!
“Wonder Kids” – Tripping Whenever Possible (Travis, Andy, Kelly, and Laura)
“The Garage Injured Reserve” – Work until you are Really, Really BROKEN (Simon, Eric, Jennifer, Beth)
“Better than Ourselves” – To Be better… than ourselves” (Jim, Stef, Todd, Traci)
“Doin it for the shirt” – You can do it!  (for the shirt) (Aaron L, Aaron S, Angel, Julie)
They will be battling with teams from throughout the Southeast from 8am until 3pm, and again at 11pm!
If you want a WOD to do:
Carry something that you can cradle in your arm, or hold on a shoulder, approximately 20# and…
Run  1200M
50 Push-ups
Run 100M
Move something heavy 30M
Do burpee Broad jumps for 15 jumps
Run 400M
35 pull-ups (if you can, wedge the 20# object between your legs while doing them)
Run 200M
Move the heavy object another 30M
Record time and objects, approximate weights to comments.

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