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What is the Garage Games Series?


What is the Garage Games Series?

Our gym is a little unusual.  Besides being a crossfit box (gym) we also host several of our own events.  But thats not the unusual part.  Sort of by accident we are also the HQ for an entire Event Series that is primarily in the USA but is reaching out globally.

In a nut shell we got here like this.  Eric started having small gym events at our box.  Then a member said we should do these events quarterly and invite other gyms.  Next the idea for a massive event in February became a reality.  From there other gyms started asking us for help in making their event good and big.  Add in a few years and POOF…. The Garage Games Series.


It is simply an event where you do several WODs in one day against other folks. You can be in the beginner, scaled or RX divisions so you only compete with folks like you.


The series is a lot of work but it does benefit the gym.  We have a lot of gear thanks to it.  Like:

– Rowers

- GHDs

– Loads of barbells

– Loads of rubber plates

– Loads of kettlebells

– And some other items like mats, sleds, wall balls.

A lot of the gear you see in the gym came from the Series.


We encourage everyone to try an event because it is fun and increases your desire to push.  That push is intensity.  And intensity is the corner stone of why crossfit works.

So check out the Garage Games Series for an event location and date that works for you, and have a blast.

We also always need volunteers (you get cool stuff) and leaders for our events.




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