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Get Your WOD On for Devan


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Sun, July 16, 2017
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT


CrossFit Garage
110 Londonderry Court
Suite 122
Woodstock, GA 30188
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Devan used to coach at the CrossFit Garage. Recently, Devan was in a very bad motorcycle accident. He has required multiple surgeries, and his family is not sure how they will be able to afford the costs associated with it. Since the weightlifting and CrossFit communities are so tight-knit, we know it’s the least we can do to band together to help Devan and his family. You can learn more about his condition here.

For time:

400m OH plate carry

200 toes to bar

200 burpees to plate

200 push ups

200 OH lunges with plate (walking or in place)

200 abmat sit ups

200 goblet squats with plate

400m OH plate carry


  • 4 person teams.

  • Each team has two plates – 45 lb plate for men and 25 lb plate for women. If the team at least one man, you will need a 45lb plate.

  • Two people work at a time.

  • While the two are working, the other 2 must hold the two plates (except when the plate is in use).

  • Teams can divvy up the reps however they like.

  • Neither plate can touch the ground during the workout (except during burpees).

    • 20 burpee penalty for dropping a plate.

  • The plate cannot be held resting on one’s head.

Run of Event:

Each team member runs one 100m OH plate carry relay style. Both plates must be in use – one for the carry and one being held off the ground by one of the other 3 resting teammates. Once all 4 team members have completed the 100M carry, the team advances to the toes-to-bar. While two people work on the toes-to-bar, the other two must hold the two plates. The 4-person team can switch out between movements and holding the plates however they like, but the plates must not touch the ground. Continue in this manner. Following the completion of the squats, each member runs one 100m OH plate carry relay style to complete the work, again with both plates in use as with the first run.

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