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WOD – Sunday, June 28, 2008


WOD – Sunday, June 28, 2008

Run 5k


Compare to May 31, 2009 [prevpost=1407]


Matt, Justin and Chad battle it out for first (this was a later heat, and everyone was gaming each heat to either win, or conserve for the next in an attempt to win that one… Curtis and Rob were at the front of the pack in the next heat).

Swinging/Kipping pull-ups

I’ve been doing some research on kipping pull-ups to get a few of you over the hump

I think the key is in the technique of the swing rather than the pull or the kip

I’ve watched many of you on the swing and its not tight enough in the core nor high enough on the back swing to make it work

you don’t need to be able to do a dead hang pull up to get swinging kipping pull ups, you just have to use the technique properly

so with that here are some things to practice

-do supermans on your back and belly.  this is basically when you lay on your back and lift your legs and arms up while holding your core (stomach and rib muscles) tight squeezing it all together.  then roll over and do it on your belly.  this will simulate the “C” position we want you to have when swinging.

you need to be tight and controlled.  if you swing wild and with loose legs/feet then you might as well not swing as you aren’t getting the momentum you need.

-your grip should be outside your shoulders

-if you are using a band then the band should be in the middle of your body and you should be looking up (mostly to avoid nosing the band).  Here is an odd part of the technique progression that is NOT the same without the band.  You want to keep your feet on the forward swing down with your stomach.  if your stomach goes limp and the band pulls your feet up then you have lost momentum and wont make a good swing.

-without a band you want your front swing to have some foot elevation and a little stomach “crunch” to balance out the BIG back swing.  On the back swing do not go limp and let your feet kick your rear or head.  you want a large controlled swing.

-your back swing should have a “L-pull up” look to it.  so not so much a “C” but a V.  You should be able to swing high enough that your hands want to hop off the bar.  If you cant hop your hands then you will need to be stronger b/c you are not using the swing efficiently and so will have to muscle your way through it.


if you are interested in getting swinging/kipping pull-ups or refining what you have or working on the butterfly (not an expert here yet) let me know and I’ll set up a class for that specifically.

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