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WOD – Wednesday, March 9, 2011


WOD – Wednesday, March 9, 2011


3 rounds or 10min
200m run/row
15 squats
10 situps
5 pushups
(not for time just nice and easy)

PVC pass throughs


Muscle Ups and variations of subs and scales for it

Bar Muscle-up [wmv]

Muscle-up/False Grip Demo [wmv]

Muscle-Up Progression, Jeff Tucker (CFJ Preview) [wmv][mov]

30 Butterfly Muscle-ups for Time, Mizar Fuentes [wmv][mov] *** very cool***


30 Muscle-ups for time


Shane: 9:17, Andy: 7:54 (false grip, bent elbows, feet on ground), Donovan: 18:10 60 jumping MU’s, Trey: 10:03… 60 Bar MUs with 24″ box, Justin C: 25:22 PU + JRD x120

*as you can see depending on what you pick to sub and scale, you will have a very different experience from everyone else*

Jennifer - Working on the Back Squat
Jennifer – Working on the Back Squat

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